Decoding the MERN stack: Front to Back

MongoDB: It is an open-source, document-oriented, NoSQL database program. MongoDB is written in C++ and uses JSON-like documents with optimal schemas.

Node JSIt is an open-source Javascript-based platform that is used by many to build server-side applications, but it does not know how to perform serving files, handle requests, and handle HTTP methods, so this is where Express JS comes in.

Express JSIt is a layer of various HTTP utility methods built on top of Node JS to create a robust API quickly and easily.

React JSIt is a Javascript library used for building user interfaces. React can also render on the server using Node and power mobile apps using React Native.

LIY! (Learn-it-yourself!) Below are the links to the resources if you want to master the above technologies and game up your development career.

2. Node JS and Express JS tutorial
3. React tutorial
4. MERN stack front to back: Udemy course to learn to build an in-depth full-stack social network application

Hiring the right MERN developer for your project

Startups today need/want things fast. They want confidence in quality and adherence to timeline, and maximum RoI in the result.

For products in the MERN stack, a full-stack MERN developer is the most resourceful technical requirement. A proficient MERN developer should be capable of providing a complete package from backend and frontend development to testing and taking care of servers and databases. (S)he must have experience with functional programming.

That is a lot to look for. [Ugh!]

Hiring a proficient MERN developer is an enormous task. Nobody has the perfect recipe for the secret sauce. It is time-consuming, the cost of committing a mistake is huge, and the time to replace is long in this high attrition rate market.

Looking for a stress-free fix? You can choose to pass the hiring tag to HCode. Developer(s) at HCode work like your remote tech team. HCode has vetted developers and trained them to work in a remote setting and start delivering from Day 1. Worth a try!

Let us check out a project, where an HCode’s full-stack developer worked closely with the engineering team of a YC-backed startup.

Fable: The Command center for product teams

Fable is a US-based startup founded by former Product Managers. It is backed by YC to solve the pain points faced by PMs. It helps by giving the PMs a single window for managing all the PRDs (Product Requirement Documents), enabling conversation on each feature between teams, managing a history of decision making and a seamless integration with task management tools like Jira, Asana, Shortcut, and Slack.


The founders were in need of a full-stack developer to augment their tech team when they met HCode. One of HCode’s developers worked closely with the Fable founders and other developers as their remote team-mate for almost 18 months. The product was released on Product Hunt early this year and made it the Product of the day. Here’s what the founder had to say about their experience with HCode:




I owe you!

You invested your precious time in me.

If you are considering hiring a remote full-stack MERN developer with accountability and cost-efficiency, you can check out HCode services.

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