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We’re in the business of Writing Great Code

We provide on-time delivery along with transparent communication. But we also make sure that our people have great work-life balance, meritocracy, and a healthy work environment

Hcode is in the business of writing great code

It all started in 2018

Our Founder, Shashank who was working in New York, decided to move to India and do something meaningful. When he came back, he realized that all the great work opportunities were centered around a handful of metro cities only. While looking at his hometown, a small town around 100 Kms from the national capital, he saw that there are plenty of talented engineers who, if given the right mentorship and guidance, can be turned into professional coders.

That was his eureka moment, where he saw there can be an impact and along with his wife Shweta, he started building a small company. Soon, a few of their friends decided to jump on the wagon and we became Hcode.

and today,

We are a team of 40+ young, talented and dynamic engineers, selected through a rigorous process and shaped through a hands-on training program. We’ve shipped quality code on-time to over three dozen clients across startups and enterprises. We have built such strong ethical relationships with our clients that they stay with us for long, come back to us with more projects, and get us more clients through referrals.

Our leadership team has worked in MNCs and startups across New York, Bengaluru, and New Delhi, and ensures the same level of professionalism and work culture while working from a small city in India, Karnal.

Hcode office
Hcode office

Leadership Team

Leadership team and mentors in hcode technologies

Shweta Singla

Led high-performing teams
Goldman Sachs
IIT Delhi

Leadership team and mentors in hcode technologies

Rishabh Garg

​​Enterprise app dev expert
Siemens; Samsung
NIT Durgapur

Leadership team and mentors in hcode technologies

Anuj Arora

MVP, cloud, & scaling expert
BYju's; Amazon
IIT Delhi

Leadership team and mentors in hcode technologies

Mudit Sharma

Ran multiple SAAS teams
Kurukshetra University

Leadership team and mentors in hcode technologies

Shashank Singla

Product builder, 2 AI exits
Serial Entrepreneur
IIT Delhi

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Our corporate office is located in Karnal,

But why Karnal and not a metro city? This we get asked quite often. To answer, we thought instead of adding to the problem of migration to already overburdened cities, why not build a company in a small city and give people an option to do great work here itself.

With that intent we built a beautiful and large office with a natural feel and built professional work culture with meritocracy at the center of it. We have been able to keep both our clients as well as employees happy and satisfied by our work policies, professional work ethics and transparent communication.

We intend to give our employees an experience of working in a silicon valley tech company without having to migrate there.

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Are you a startup or an enterprise looking to set up/augment your tech team? If yes, we have the right solution tailored for you. We staff, manage and support your offshore development team and we can get your team up and ready at a short notice.

Developer as a Service

If your team has the necessary skills to drive the direction of development, then you can get our trained and experienced developers directly working for you.

Team as a Service

Get a team headed by a Tech-Lead or a project manager to get your development goals from plan to reality. Tech lead can help take the right architectural decisions while managing the direction.

MVP Development Services

Bring your startup idea to life, without worrying about the technical aspects of your product.

Blockchain Development Services

We can help you with developing Smart Contracts, NFT marketplace, Dapps, Security Audit, and much more.

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