Developer as a Service (DaaS)

You get developer(s) experienced in the required skills that you can directly manage. They can work standalone on a project or work with your existing team. You should ideally have someone technical in your team who can manage these developers.

Developer as a Service (DaaS)

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Who is it for ?

We recommend hiring our developers (in developer-as-a-service model) to startups or enterprises that already have a clear idea of exactly what they want to achieve and a technical leadership to manage the direction, decisions and take responsibility of the overall product.
(Don’t think you’ve the right tech skillsets to manage this? Check out ourTeam-as-a-Service model)

  • You have tech leadership who can drive the tech-decisions, & you just need developer(s) with right skills
  • You have a dev team, but would like more hands for short to medium term to pace up development
  • You have an existing team but would like to hire someone with a tangential skill to augment your existing team
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  • You have a dev team, but would like more hands to meet growing needs of developing/maintaining your software
  • You have an existing team but would like to hire someone with a tangential skill to augment your existing team
  • You are starting a new project and would like someone to execute it under the guidance of Tech Lead in your team
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What you get

Experienced and trained professional software developers, coming with the accountability of our organization, and much more sense of responsibility than an average freelancer.

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Top Talent

Rigorously selected and professionally trained team, incentivized to be accountable, commercial and transparent in communication

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Employee Retention

You need to worry less about attrition as we stand with you as your partners thinking about the same. We offer various perks to ensure retention.

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Easy administration

We cover all contract work, payroll operations, leave management, team setup and logistics.

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Best Practices and Help

Over time, we have built best practices for project management, code delivery, and SDLC. Working together, each developer has help at their disposal

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High RoI

We deliver value to your business by improving quality and reducing cost, resulting in high RoI. We will help you operate the business more efficiently through innovation.

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We believe in building relationships based on trust. Whether it is the confidentiality of your data and IPR or delivering your project on-time, we only make promises we can deliver on.

Tech Stack

Our developers have successfully executed many projects and have deep expertise in Python (Django), Java & Node JS for backend; HTML5, JS Frameworks (React JS, Angular) for frontend. We primarily code in React Native for cross platform mobile-app development. We work with most relational databases - PostgreSQL, MSSQL etc as well as non-relational ones - Firebase, DynamoDB etc. Our team is well versed with Devops on AWS, GoogleCloud using Docker, Nginx etc.

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Do I need to have an app design for app development?

Does your team have experience of working with US/Global teams?

What are your working hours? Can the resource work in our time zone?

How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality?

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