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We’re proficient in various Blockchain services including, but not limited to, Dapps, Smart Contracts, NFT marketplace and Blockchain Security Audit.

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Our Blockchain Services

Whether you are looking for a Blockchain Wallet, Smart Contract, NFT, or Custom Blockchain Solution, we can help you with our Blockchain expertise

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A decentralized application(dapp) is an application built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a UI. We can develop these dapps for our clients with all necessary integrations.

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Smart Contract

Our blockchain developers understand your needs and accordingly can come up with smart contract management platforms and eWallet apps.

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NFT Marketplace

We can help build you an NFT marketplace with all the necessary features of the same similar to the popular ones, based on any popular blockchain network.

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Blockchain Security Audit

We will help you with making sure that your Blockchain application is secure so that no one can hack your contracts and cause you financial & credibility loss.


We have experience in following
Blockchain Technologies and Integrations

  • Blockchain
  • API Integration
  • Languages
Polygon (MATIC)
A non-fungible token(NFT)

Blockchain products built by HCode

We’ve built the following Blockchain products for our clients

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Benefits Of Hiring from us

Our developers have experience working with Global Clients on the latest tech stacks and challenges that come up with scale. We can help you with efficient and lean solutions for your products to maximize RoI for you.

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Top Talent

Rigorously selected and professionally trained team, incentivized to be accountable, commercial and transparent in communication.

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Employee Retention

You need to worry less about attrition as we stand with you as your partners thinking about the same. We offer various perks to aid retention.

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Easy administration

We cover all contract work, payroll operations, leave management, team setup and logistics.

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Best Practices and Help

Over time, we have built best practices for project management, code delivery, SDLC. Working together, each developer has help at their disposal.

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High RoI

We deliver value to your business by improving quality and reducing cost resulting in high RoI. We will help you operate the business more efficiently through innovation.

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We believe in building relationships based on trust. Whether it is the confidentiality of your data and IPR or delivering your project on-time, we only make promises we can deliver on.

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